Slot machines with maximum efficiency

Experienced gamblers prefer to play in those casinos where maximum return slots or RTP (Return to Player) are available. This is the percentage of refund. The amount of winnings depends on it. The RTP for each slot machine is set during its development, so the maximum return for all slot machines is different, depending on the casino, country, and legal factors. The slot machine has its own program code.

What is it-slot machines with withdrawal to Yandex Money? These are slots that can return the user almost 100% of the funds that they put on their Deposit. This indicator naturally varies for different online casinos. It is impossible to find a club with a 100% return. In fairness, the indicator that starts at 90% is considered good. The maximum return is considered to be 95%-99%.

How do I get the most out of slots?
Today, there are many casinos with maximum returns. Let’s say that any self-respecting gaming club provides its guests with slots with the maximum RTP. By the way, in the world of online casinos, there are generally accepted rules regarding the minimum percentage of return. Depending on the country in which a particular gaming club is licensed, this minimum ranges from 80% to 94%.

To get an answer to the question of how to get the maximum benefit in slots that give you the following:

take into account the percentage of maximum return. As we said above, the RTP that starts at 95 is considered high%;
choose a casino with good statistics. Good statistics indicate that players have a high chance of seeing winning combinations;
visit casinos that are ranked among the best in Russia.
However, it is not enough to choose a casino with the maximum return. It is important for every gambler, regardless of their playing experience, to know about such a parameter as variance. The frequency of payments in a particular club depends on this characteristic. Sometimes it can be called variability or volatility. We will explain the importance of this parameter later.
What is the maximum percentage of return
Every gambler expects a big win from their game, payouts without any delays, high-quality and exciting game. Whether you bet rubles or dollars – it doesn’t matter, winning in any currency will bring joy, and maximum return slots allow you to increase the amount of money won. However, when choosing such slot machines, you should familiarize yourself with their dispersion.

Let’s define the variance and see how it affects the machines with the highest percentage of return? It’s simple. Variance is a deviation from the expectation of winning. The higher the variance of the slot machine, the less likely it is to win. Less often, however, the amount will be large. Low variance allows you to win more often, but the winnings will be significantly lower.
These two characteristics – maximum return and variance-are inextricably linked. That is, the slot machine with high payout percentage, most likely, will have high variance, with a low percentage is low. Thus, by choosing slots with the highest percentage of return, you bring your chances of hitting the real jackpot closer!

We hope that our article about the most giving machines was useful to you. We remind you again: first we choose a slot with a high RTP, then we play in the demo, and then we win big winnings in real money!

We have updated all the information on the site! Now everything is relevant for July 2020.

Pragmatic Play introduced a video slot about the Pharaoh

The company Pragmatic Play presented the slot machine Egyptian Fortunes. In terms of theme, design and game mechanics, the video slot resembles another popular development of the Studio – the Ancient Egypt Classic slot machine.

A bright atmospheric slot with HD graphics takes gamblers to the Pharaoh’s Treasury full of mysterious relics. Images of precious statuettes in the form of ancient Egyptian gods are used as symbols. Among them you can find images of the cat goddess Bastet, Horus with the head of a Falcon and the patron of the dead Anubis with the head of a Jackal. The most expensive symbol is the Golden mask of Tutankhamun.

Five-drum slot machine Egyptian Fortunes has 20 paylines, the return percentage is set at RTP 96.5%. In the standard game, when certain combinations fall out, the player can get from 2 to 5 Energy Spins. In particular, to launch energy spins, you need to combine only two wilds or collect a combo of five low-paying symbols (10, J or Q).

Egyptian Fortunes Free Spins
Three bonus symbols with Egyptian pyramids activate 6 free spins. During free spins, only three types of icons appear on the reels, which are randomly selected, and wilds. The player will see the symbols used in the prize round in an ancient scroll that is kept in the Pharaoh’s tomb. The maximum return coefficient of Egyptian Fortunes in the bonus game reaches x1000.

Pragmatic Play Studio focuses on the production of premium video slots. The latest releases of the company include slot machines Vegas Magic, Triple Dragons, Leprechaun Carol and others. In January 2019, the company announced the upcoming release of a collection of projects for Live Casino. Games with live dealers will be broadcast from the modern video Studio Pragmatic Play. The player will see the symbols used in the prize round in an ancient scroll that is kept in the Pharaoh’s tomb.

Red Tiger has released a new slot Gonzo’s Quest Megaways

Developer of gaming software Red Tiger has released a slot Gonzo’s Quest Megaways. This is a new version of the popular video slot. The original game was released in 2011 by NetEnt. The slot machine has a high volatility and RTP of 95.77%. The maximum win is 20,000 bets. In total, the slot machine can have up to 117,649 active lines.

As in the original slot, winning combinations are destroyed in the main game, and new symbols take their place. With each new destruction, the payout multiplier increases. The maximum possible is X5.

To start the bonus game, three Free Fall symbols or two Free Fall and one Wild symbols must appear consecutively, starting from the leftmost reel. The bonus consists of nine free spins, during which all payouts receive an additional X3 multiplier:

first destruction-payoff multiplier X3;
second — X6;
third — X9;
the fourth is X15.
As soon as consecutive wins end, a new free spin is triggered. For each additional Free Fall symbol, three free spins will be added. During the bonus round, you can get additional spins.

The Wild symbol replaces any symbol when making a winning combination. Unlike the original, it is not destroyed, but remains on the playing field.

Red Tiger business development Director Karl Eilertsson commented on the release of the slot: “Gonzo’s Quest has established itself as one of the best slot machines on the market, so we are happy to give it an extra boost with the MegaWays mechanics. The team has worked tirelessly with our NetEnt partners to release this summer’s most anticipated slot. We are very happy that our efforts have been rewarded.”

Gonzo’s Quest Megaways slot machine has added smart spins and daily jackpots from Red Tiger.

Global Gaming Expo 2020 in Las Vegas was canceled

The American gaming Association and Reed Exhibitions have officially announced that the Global Gaming Expo, the main event of the gambling industry, will be canceled in 2020. The show’s organizers have confirmed that they intend to prepare a series of online events by the end of the year. The G2E event was scheduled to take place between October 5-8 in Las Vegas.

Bill Miller President and CEO of the American gambling Association stated: “In light of the current situation regarding the market, restrictions on the free movement of tourists around the world and unclear guidelines for holding major public events this fall, we have come to a sad conclusion. This year, we just won’t be able to hold G2E offline. Health and safety have always been our top priorities. The uncertainty created by the pandemic makes this decision more reasonable compared to the deadlines of companies that planned to participate.”

Herve Sedki, regional President of Reed Exhibitions in the Americas also commented on the cancellation of the forum: “We came to this decision after consulting with national and local public health authorities and key industry representatives. Eventually, it became clear that organizing a live event was not possible”

Global Gaming Expo has been the main event in the gambling industry for 20 years. Every year, more than 30,000 participants visit the exhibition.

In the near future, the event organizers will approve plans for virtual and educational events. Earlier in the United States, casinos were re-closed due to outbreaks of coronavirus in gambling workers.

How not to lose in slots

Among poker fans, there are many gambling people who are attracted to sports betting, casinos, and slots. It is interesting to try your luck from time to time, but you don’t want to lose your hard-earned money… This is what inspired us to write this article.

On the Internet, you will find many different ” win-win “ways and” useful ” schemes that, if they actually worked, would have ruined all the top casinos long ago. But this does not happen, which means that they are not so “win-win” anymore»… We will not offer you an easy way to make money on slot machines, tell you winning strategies and teach you how to hack casinos. We will give you some tips that will help you save money and play for fun.

Pay attention to the percentage of payments
Each slot machine in an online casino has a certain percentage of payouts, and as a rule it is higher than in real casino slot machines, which attracts many online.

We will not go into mathematical calculations, just note that the higher the percentage of return – the more chances to win, because this indicator indicates what percentage of the total amount the machine gives to players.

Slot manufacturers often do not hide such information, and if you are interested, you can find entire pay tables, in the context of slots and bets. So, for example, NetEnt slots according to official data give 95-98%, Playtech according to information in the network – 92-98%, MicroGaming-88-98%, while each machine has its own way. Last year, the most “giving” machine NetEnt was considered Blood Suckers, in MicroGaming-Megaspin Break da Bank, and in Playtech – A Night Out. All have a payout percentage of around 98%.

It is considered that it is not profitable to play in slot machines that pay less than 93%. The most profitable ones have 97-99% payouts.

Manage your bankroll
Just like in poker, you need to handle your money correctly in slots. You must have your own bankroll management, which will allow you to make a certain balance in the game. It should be determined in advance, regardless of the result of the game, because any win, as well as loss, can intoxicate the mind and then, in a joyful euphoria or with a desire to win back, you can lose everything.

The Golden rule: set your budget for the game (or for the day), and under no circumstances go beyond it. Indicate how much money you are willing to lose and a sufficient amount of winnings, after which you can complete the game on this day.

When you are lucky, it is difficult to stop. Exactly the same as in the case of losing money. If you lose before the designated line – leave the casino, relax, get distracted. In any case, do not sit down to recoup. Yes, sometimes you can do it, but in the long run, “it’s not worth it.”

Get additional bonuses
Before you start playing in a particular casino, you should study the market of offers in order, first, not to miss the bonus for registration or first Deposit, and, secondly, to choose the most suitable place for you. But, so that you are not deceived – play only in licensed casinos.

In the casino, as in poker rooms, you can get cashback for the game, bonuses, free spins and many other gifts and privileges by entering a promo code or fulfilling certain conditions. This will help you earn more. Often bonuses are actively distributed by casinos in poker rooms.

Don’t try to hack the slot
No matter how tired you are of losing money in a casino, you should not search the Internet for ways to cheat slots and/or online casinos. Instead of what you were looking for, you will find a ton of scammers trying to “sell” you broken schemes and “miracle” programs. You will not be able to outwit the machine with them. Even the most advanced hackers will not be able to hack an online casino, given the amount of money licensed rooms spend on their security.

Relax and have fun
To be honest, I myself am terribly infuriated by people who give advice in poker not to tilt. As if it’s that simple. But the method is actually effective. You just need to treat everything an order of magnitude easier.

Slot machines are entirely a game of chance, in which very little depends on you. Learn to accept it and play will become much easier.

Although, it is impossible to play slots without emotions. To make sure, just look at our weekly selection of emotional reactions of online casino streamers.

Here are 8 simple tips that I think will be useful for every beginner in slots and even for some “advanced” players.

What you should know about slots at Wincazino casino

Players in large casinos are much less likely to have any problems or restrictions, it is enough to simply follow all the rules of the casino and do not deviate from them. The largest online games for money Wincazino, differ in a very large number of unique features and slots that they are ready to give their players.
The casino “Winsazino” does not have anything against professional players, because they even create a certain fame for the casino, simplify the attraction of a new contingent, give the opportunity to develop faster and achieve greater opportunities. At the same time, if a professional player even finds his own method of winning, uses some unique strategy, he will not have any noticeable problems. The only requirement is that the established rules of the casino can not be violated.

Large casinos also often use the newest apps, which rarely or significantly later appear in casinos with lower revenue and fewer players. Often large casinos like “Wincazino”, for example, have exclusive agreements with content providers for the right of priority display or even” live ” testing of gaming programs, which attract players, usually with a high level of loyalty in the casino. This is one of the bonuses that casino clients earn by playing and participating in the business of their gaming establishment.
Among a large number of gaming programs, there are also live games in which you can get together with real dealers. Casinos are able to maintain studios where such dealers operate on a permanent basis, they work in shifts, and the Studio itself is sometimes closed for some time for basic cleaning and processing of the premises. You can communicate with dealers, which is very much appreciated by players. At the same time, you should know that such a game can only function through a specialized application, which is much more complex than a normal game emulator, because it must also track the purity of the game, ensuring that the casino client is not deceived.
Tournaments that are held in large casinos usually involve a larger number of players. In order for such a tournament to run smoothly, you need a very powerful system of servers and applications that can quickly and efficiently process the flow of orders from many individual applications. So, in principle, tournaments are the prerogative of only really large casinos.
Free casino game-online
Many people love slot machines. With the help of gambling, you can have a good time, get a lot of pleasant impressions and, at the same time, increase your budget. Today, using them has become much easier. After all, it is no longer necessary to go to any gambling club. It is better to sit comfortably at your computer and visit one of the many virtual online casino sites.
Demo version
Online casinos have many features that distinguish such resources from ordinary gambling establishments. The demo version is one of them. This is the name given to the non-monetary format of emulators ‘ functioning. That is, it literally does not have to spend personal finances or bonus points to spin the reel. The player is given an unlimited number of game resources to do this. They are credited to the balance of the device automatically, immediately after its activation. However, in this case, you will not be able to withdraw the multiplied funds. You will not be able to earn money on bets in the demo.
Activating slots
To play for real money bets in online casinos, the user must have a personal account on the platform and add funds to their balance in any convenient way. You can transfer money to your account or try to get bonuses. After logging in, you need to go to the games section, select a suitable slot and click on its image. Or, immediately click on the button to activate the standard game mode. You can see it near the emulator image. There is also a button to start the demo mode – a non-monetary format that is available to everyone, without exception.
Why play for free?
If it is impossible to get real profit from bets in Wincazino in a non-monetary format, is it worth spending your time on it? Most of the online casino visitors are interested in the opportunity to enjoy slot machines without any expenses. So, the demo mode perfectly copes with the role of affordable entertainment. However, this is not the only use of this format. It may well become a very important tool for those who want to earn money on bets. After all, the lack of risk of losing money turns the test version into an ideal training ground.
Training is very important. The success of each slot launch will depend on the player’s experience. Only after playing a sufficient number of training games, you can start to feel confident, both in a single, real game, and in a serious tournament. In the demo version, the user can train as much as they want. Also, in this mode, it is convenient and profitable to study the gaming processes of new devices or develop your own, effective betting tactics. So, although indirectly, the test demo format is still able to bring the player income.

Robin of Loxley-introducing a new slot from Mascot Gaming

Game description
Robin of Loxley is a new product from the developer Mascot Gaming. This 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline slot offers players an incredible adventure with the legendary robber hero, taking treasures from the rich with two innovative bonus features.

Risk & buy and Click-me features give players additional control over the game, allowing them to influence the outcome of each game round.

In case of a certain win, the Risk function allows the player to risk the prize amount and get a series of generous bonus spins, increasing the chance to multiply their winnings many times.

If the player’s winnings are small or they lose, they can use the Buy function and buy a series of free this case, their cost and quantity are random and change with each game round.

The Click-me function precedes the free spins series and determines its rules – the number of free spins and the win multiplier.

During the main game, three to five symbols randomly appear on the reels. After that, players shoot at targets to find out the number of free spins they have won and the size of multipliers.

Margarita Malysheva, marketing Director of Mascot Gaming:

Robyn of Loxley is our most advanced video slot to date, with a theme and design that is popular among players, combined with unique game mechanics.

We are proud of our development – the Risk&Buy functionality. This feature gives the game a thrill, adds even more entertainment to the gameplay and, as a result, keeps the player’s attention as much as possible. I am sure that Robin will soon top the charts of world markets – the first analytical data from our partner operators allow us to believe in the reality of achieving such high goals.”After that, players shoot at targets to find out the number of free spins they have won and the size of multipliers.

Useful information about slots and progressive jackpots

“V-GOLD” gaming company is one of the leading developers of online casino slots, having extensive experience in creating such programs. Microgaming slots can be found today in many virtual establishments. The qualifications of this company’s specialists are not in doubt, and Microgaming slots is known as convenient, up-to-date and modern. Slots from V-gold are found in all the leading virtual establishments, known both here and abroad.

Assortment of slots on extremely large — it is more than 300 slot machines, which in most cases can be played both online and in a downloadable version. The site of, which implements a variety of modern solutions; in particular, it is she who popularized the phenomenon of the progressive jackpot — and it is he who excites the minds of many slot players these days.

In fact, the rapid development of Microgaming was due to the transition of the gambling business to the virtual sphere. Many players want to play in conditions that will be as comfortable as possible for them. And the policy of some countries today is related to the tightening of slots, and the Internet is the only place where you can play your favorite games of chance.

Slot machines from they have a number of advantages — they are non-standard, exciting, have excellent graphics, excellent design and a good soundtrack that perfectly matches the plot of the game. Players have the opportunity to play different slots — both classic, consisting of five lines, and new-fangled, with a large number of paylines. The range of slots from Microgaming is constantly expanding, and you will not be bored for sure.

A few additional words should be said about the progressive jackpot, which Microgaming has made so popular. The main idea of such a jackpot is that the size of such a bonus increases constantly, after each spin of the reels of all players who play this slot. And every player has the opportunity to break a huge pot. If this is a popular slot, then the size of the progressive jackpot can grow quickly and reach a huge amount that players like. Of course, jackpots are not won very often, but this is the point-after all, huge amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars can not but attract attention.

In short, Microgaming slot machines are an interesting and exciting solution that will not leave any gambler indifferent.

10 secrets in slots

Often novice players are interested in several secrets of randomizer in slots. They want to learn more about the generator built into each machine.

It should output random numbers, regardless of any parameters. However, all casino owners maintain a high advantage for themselves.

To achieve a higher percentage of returns than set by the gaming site will not work in any case, but you still need to use tricks:

Count on the opportunity to win several free spins. To do this, you need to choose machines with scatters, which we told you about in the article, what are scatters in slot machines. Each spin of the reels is another opportunity to become a winner, especially if the jackpot is set.
From the first point follows the second – you need to choose slots with a jackpot. Due to it, you can win a decent amount, and the tactics of the game are simple. You just need to choose the minimum bet and make as many draws as possible. Read 4 stories of winners in slots, many of them managed to hit the jackpot.
Slots are different, some often have small winnings, and some are very rare. If you choose a machine with rare wins, bet less lines and be sure to use an additional game. Just one win and further doubling of the winnings can bring a substantial amount.
All the secrets of winning slot machines at any casino are related to cold calculation. Keep track of statistics, see where players most often win money (if possible), and keep your own report. You need to choose the machine with the maximum return, but it may change periodically.
Why do professionals always stay in the game and not spend all their money? Because they set certain limits. For example, after losing 2000 rubles, they leave the game for a while. Similarly, you should quit the game if the winning bar is reached.
The secrets of Microgaming slots do not differ in General, but some machines have clever tactics. We talked about this in detail when presenting strategies for playing slots. For the most popular slot machines, clever techniques have been invented, taking into account the features of slots.
Newcomers consider bonuses “free cheese”, in fact, they can be used to start the game without attachments. Collect no-Deposit bonuses in online casinos, they have a wager installed. Simply put, you will need to play an amount several times higher than the bonus, but then it will actually be withdrawn.
Novice players often wonder how someone manages to win thousands of dollars. They have no idea how much was put into the game for this purpose. Professionals add hundreds of dollars (or even thousands) to their balances. The higher the stakes and more draws, the higher the chances of becoming a winner.
Often, players try to find tricks that are suitable for certain machines. For example, many people are interested in Fruit Shop how to play the secret of the slot. There is nothing unusual in it, so use all the slot secrets presented in this article. The same applies to other machines.
On the Internet, you can still find a lot of different secrets, tricks, strategies, and other information. Unfortunately, it is often made up of newcomers, just to attract attention, earn money on the affiliate program, or even deceive users. Be skeptical of such “experts”, they themselves do not win anything.
To learn all the secrets of slots, you need to read more than one article, as well as spend more than one hour at the slot machine.

Four winning Lotto First Division tickets sold in Pātea has town buzzing

It was a sweet moment for Taj Singh when he put up posters outside the south Taranaki store he manages on Sunday morning.

The posters announced that tickets sold there had scored Lotto prizes worth more than $570,000.

Following Saturday night’s draw, it was revealed that four out of the seven tickets which scooped the $1million First Division pool were sold at Pātea Four Square, which Singh has managed since February 2019.

He got the heads up of the success soon after the draw was completed, when a text came through from Lotto’s regional office.

Singh said it was a great feeling to know the winning tickets were sold at the shop.

“It’s a pretty exciting time.”

There was a real buzz in the town on Sunday morning with some customers coming in to check their tickets.

“Everyone is just going crazy, saying ‘who won, who won?’, Singh said.

He said it was still to be clarified whether four different ticket holders had won a prize of $142,857 each, or whether the lucky punter was just one person, who had four tickets with the same numbers, nabbing a total prize of $571,428.

On Sunday, a Lotto spokeswoman said it was “highly likely” the prize was won by one person.

“We have no way of knowing until they claim, but we sometimes have winners play the same numbers on one ticket or on multiple tickets, which means they have multiple wins for one draw,” she said.

Either way, Singh really hoped the winner was someone who lived in Pātea.

“We would be more than happy if someone locally wins the prize.”

The odds of that seem high, as Singh said 95 per cent of the store’s customers were from the town, with the rest made up by people travelling through.

South Taranaki’s Lotto luck this weekend follows a series of big wins in the region of late.

Last month, a ticket sold at The Store in Westown won a New Plymouth family a total cash prize of $7.3m.

In January 2019, $22.3m was won, with the ticket sold from Inglewood Book Centre. The massive windfall was later claimed by a young woman who lived in the town.

This followed a $12.5m win in November 2018, from a ticket purchased at Fitzroy Lotto & Mags by a Taranaki family who played the lottery as a syndicate.

After the June 13 draw, Powerball was not struck and has rolled over to Wednesday night, with a jackpot of $10m.

Strike Four also rolled over and is now worth $400,000

An Italian woman won a Picasso painting worth €1 million in a lottery

A resident of Italy bought a lottery ticket for €100 and won a painting “still Life” by the artist Pablo Picasso worth €1 million. This is reported by La Repubblica.

The painting was drawn in a lottery organized by the French office of the auction house Christie’s as part of the “Picasso for €100” campaign, which is led by the NGO “Help others”. The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds for charitable organizations. The campaign raised more than €5 million for the French non-governmental organization CARE, which helps people in Africa to provide water and education.

The last time the owner of the picture was a 25-year-old American from the city of Wexford, (Pennsylvania). In 2013, he became the owner of a 1914 Picasso painting. Before that, the painting belonged to a private collector, David Namad. In October 2019, the painting was exhibited at the International contemporary art fair in Paris, after which it was moved to the Paris Picasso Museum.

In total, 200 thousand tickets participated in the lottery. With the funds raised, CARE expects to build water wells in Africa, including in Madagascar, Cameroon and Morocco.

The painting “still Life” was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1921 at a turning point in the artist’s work, when he turned to mixing styles. The picture shows a glass of absinthe and a fragment of a magazine.

Stoloto responded to accusations of the company’s ties to the winner of ₽1 billion

Earlier, telegram channels Mash and “Rise” reported that Moscow lawyer Alexander Sergeev asked the Federal tax service (FTS) to check the connection of the lottery winner Nadezhda Bartosh with the owners of the company “Stoloto”. According to the lawyer, the drawing was recorded, and did not take place live, so the results were known in advance.

The lawyer also claimed that the tickets with large winnings were in the hands of affiliates. Mash noted that Bartosh is the owner of the trading house “Tsarsky sturgeon”.

RBC sent a request to the Federal tax service of Russia. RBC also asked for comment to the lawyer Alexander Sergeyev, at the time of publication notes he did not answer RBC.

As it became known on January 9, a resident of the Moscow region Nadezhda Bartosh won 1 billion rubles. Stoloto noted that this win was a record in the history of state lotteries.