Robin of Loxley-introducing a new slot from Mascot Gaming

Game descriptionRobin of Loxley is a new product from the developer Mascot Gaming. This 5-reel, 3-row, 20-payline slot offers players an incredible adventure with the legendary robber hero, taking treasures from the rich with two innovative bonus features. DetailsRisk & buy and Click-me features give players additional control over the game, allowing them to influence […]

Useful information about slots and progressive jackpots

“V-GOLD” gaming company is one of the leading developers of online casino slots, having extensive experience in creating such programs. Microgaming slots can be found today in many virtual establishments. The qualifications of this company’s specialists are not in doubt, and Microgaming slots is known as convenient, up-to-date and modern. Slots from V-gold are found […]

10 secrets in slots

Often novice players are interested in several secrets of randomizer in slots. They want to learn more about the generator built into each machine. It should output random numbers, regardless of any parameters. However, all casino owners maintain a high advantage for themselves. To achieve a higher percentage of returns than set by the gaming […]

An American woman won $2 million in the lottery with a combination of numbers that brought her $50 thousand earlier

A resident of North Carolina in the United States, Shanika Miller won $2 million, noting in the lottery ticket the same combination of numbers that in another lottery brought her $50 thousand. United Press International wrote about this on may 14. “I woke up in the morning at about 6 o’clock and when I learned […]