May 28, 2022

How to win in slots

You can’t just sit down and win a really large amount of money in slots. More precisely, you can, but it will require a dazzling smile of fortune. If you want to win systematically (on a regular basis), you will need a strategy that you will have to follow. By the way, to avoid any misunderstandings in the future, remember that slots are a game with a negative mathematical expectation. But one strategy, of course, is not enough. So, let’s find out in detail how to win in slots:

a digression,
strategy slots: no it has no chance of winning,
it is important to understand the size of your bankroll, RTP (or rate of return) is one of the mandatory criteria of selection of slots
to play smart, you should always meet with a dispersion of slot machines and at what rate to play better (hint, on average),
set your stop loss, and remember that gambling is an additional risk
stop wine – no less important than the stop loss
about reduced rates when “plums” and an increase in the winnings and also about the role of the random number generator,
we will draw conclusions and answer frequently asked questions (FAQ).and tell us where to play.
Let the casino have only 5%, 3% or even 2% of the advantage, but it is still not profitable for a long-distance player. In other words, you will lose if you play long enough (month, year). On the other hand, at a short distance – day/week – you can stay in a good “plus”, especially if you manage to get a couple of big wins. But if you play constantly, you can’t do without a special strategy. In conditions of negative mathematical expectation, any nuance that gives at least some benefit should be taken into account..

Lyrical digression
I would also like to draw your attention to the following. What do you play for? Ask yourself this question. If it’s for trying to earn money, it’s one thing, and if it’s for fun, it’s quite another. In the second case, no special strategy for winning slots is required. If the player understands that they are paying for entertainment, this is a normal situation. It’s like buying a ticket to a zoo or an amusement ride. But most often, the player wants not only to have fun, but also to increase their capital. And this is where the strategy becomes relevant again. In a word, first answer yourself: why do I play-and draw the necessary conclusions.

Strategy for playing slots
The main goal of the algorithm below is to save as much as possible, i.e. save money and still have all the chances to earn a lot. The main problem of gamblers is that they do not play systematically and do not adhere to any rules. But with the help of a small “code”, you can save a significant part of your bankroll and, possibly, make money on it in the future.