May 25, 2022

How to win in slots: secrets of slot machines and game experience from an expert

So, friends, we present our new article from the author of numerous publications on this site, including the Big fake Hypothesis (part 1) and part 2, The Realities of online gambling 2020, the Psychology of excitement, Unusual slot ratings, Online casinos 2020 (how to change and what to expect), reviews of numerous slot machines (VS: everything against everything (part 1), part 2, part 3) and many others.
In this publication, we will consider slot machines, namely:

myths and reality (about game schemes),
differences in the behavior of slot machines in different casinos on the example of Fastpay-casipo and Play Fortuna?
and also how to win in slot machines (experience, secrets and bugs) from Play’n Go, Amatic, NetEnt, Big Time Gaming, Blueprint, quickspin, Relax Gaming, Red Tiger, Pragmatic Play, Endorphina.
So, let’s go!

Myths and reality: game schemes used by the majority of players
To begin with, I would like to consider several generally accepted theories thrown in by both players/bloggers, game developers, and casinos themselves.

Among the most popular are the following:

All online casinos are the same and do not affect the return of slot machines, being only an operator. The return is set by the game developer.
BNC expert opinion: Yes, it is the provider that sets the return (with rare exceptions), and the casinos themselves cannot influence the gameplay (again, often). But as for the identity of the gaming process in a particular casino, in my opinion, this is just a myth. It’s not just the pool of the slot machine or the pool of the casino, but the fact that the behavior of slot machines of some developers is different in certain casinos. And below I will give examples on specific machines in specific casinos.
Any slot can give out a big win, so the best strategy of the game is “frequent change of the slot machine” in an attempt to find those that will give out a big win “from the start of the game session”.
BNC expert opinion: of course, almost any slot can give out a big win, but the only question is how often this happens. And it is necessary to take into account its variance. The potential for getting a big win when running around high-dispersion slots is minimal. Of course, the developers program the” throw “of the player for such a game segment, but their number is minimal and attempts to “catch” only such with a high degree of probability will lead to a negative result (read more about whether you need to change the casino after a big win).
“Casino on return” and “slot on return”: probably every player has encountered these concepts. Very often, on the same stream in the players ‘ chat or any telegram channel, you can see information that a player or several have received a large win (or even a series of such wins) in a casino or slot machine. After that, a large number of players go to this casino or a specific slot in the hope of getting a big win.
Opinion of the BNC expert: again, this is just a myth thrown into the masses by very inexperienced players, which is led by the same inexperienced players. If we carefully read the “big fake theory”, we will understand that each player takes” his own segment ” in a particular slot machine. And the presence of a series of wins in a slot or casino is no more than a coincidence, since the probability that the RNG will change the algorithms of the player’s throw (new or in a new slot) is very high. Not to mention the fact that players who have already played this or that slot machine (with the preservation of the betting history) generally continue their own game segment.
“New” slots are always on the return, as developers increase the RTP value for this period.
Opinion of the BNC expert: this is just a myth thrown into the masses. Game developers never increase the RTP when releasing a slot machine and its value is basic. The potential of this slot machine is exactly the same as the previously released ones. This myth is thrown into the masses only so that the game developer can get superprofits in a short time. It is the receipt of superprofits that is due to such a frequent appearance of new products, which, in fact, the developers themselves do not even hide and calmly talk about it in interviews. At the same time, such slots are often “advertised” by popular reviewers of slot machines with the alleged receipt of winnings in it, close to the maximum potential of this slot machine.
All games are random at the expense of the RNG, and therefore, despite the issuance of a large win, you can continue playing the slot, and the potential for obtaining large winnings in it is still quite real.
BNC expert opinion: This is only partially true, and the developer’s reputation must be taken into account. So in some of them-it is unrealistic, in others-on the contrary.
Here I would recommend to get acquainted with the Hypothesis of a big fake online casino on our site, and in addition I will consider the most popular providers.