May 27, 2022

Four winning Lotto First Division tickets sold in Pātea has town buzzing

It was a sweet moment for Taj Singh when he put up posters outside the south Taranaki store he manages on Sunday morning.

The posters announced that tickets sold there had scored Lotto prizes worth more than $570,000.

Following Saturday night’s draw, it was revealed that four out of the seven tickets which scooped the $1million First Division pool were sold at Pātea Four Square, which Singh has managed since February 2019.

He got the heads up of the success soon after the draw was completed, when a text came through from Lotto’s regional office.

Singh said it was a great feeling to know the winning tickets were sold at the shop.

“It’s a pretty exciting time.”

There was a real buzz in the town on Sunday morning with some customers coming in to check their tickets.

“Everyone is just going crazy, saying ‘who won, who won?’, Singh said.

He said it was still to be clarified whether four different ticket holders had won a prize of $142,857 each, or whether the lucky punter was just one person, who had four tickets with the same numbers, nabbing a total prize of $571,428.

On Sunday, a Lotto spokeswoman said it was “highly likely” the prize was won by one person.

“We have no way of knowing until they claim, but we sometimes have winners play the same numbers on one ticket or on multiple tickets, which means they have multiple wins for one draw,” she said.

Either way, Singh really hoped the winner was someone who lived in Pātea.

“We would be more than happy if someone locally wins the prize.”

The odds of that seem high, as Singh said 95 per cent of the store’s customers were from the town, with the rest made up by people travelling through.

South Taranaki’s Lotto luck this weekend follows a series of big wins in the region of late.

Last month, a ticket sold at The Store in Westown won a New Plymouth family a total cash prize of $7.3m.

In January 2019, $22.3m was won, with the ticket sold from Inglewood Book Centre. The massive windfall was later claimed by a young woman who lived in the town.

This followed a $12.5m win in November 2018, from a ticket purchased at Fitzroy Lotto & Mags by a Taranaki family who played the lottery as a syndicate.

After the June 13 draw, Powerball was not struck and has rolled over to Wednesday night, with a jackpot of $10m.

Strike Four also rolled over and is now worth $400,000