May 25, 2022

An Italian woman won a Picasso painting worth €1 million in a lottery

A resident of Italy bought a lottery ticket for €100 and won a painting “still Life” by the artist Pablo Picasso worth €1 million. This is reported by La Repubblica.

The painting was drawn in a lottery organized by the French office of the auction house Christie’s as part of the “Picasso for €100” campaign, which is led by the NGO “Help others”. The purpose of the campaign is to raise funds for charitable organizations. The campaign raised more than €5 million for the French non-governmental organization CARE, which helps people in Africa to provide water and education.

The last time the owner of the picture was a 25-year-old American from the city of Wexford, (Pennsylvania). In 2013, he became the owner of a 1914 Picasso painting. Before that, the painting belonged to a private collector, David Namad. In October 2019, the painting was exhibited at the International contemporary art fair in Paris, after which it was moved to the Paris Picasso Museum.

In total, 200 thousand tickets participated in the lottery. With the funds raised, CARE expects to build water wells in Africa, including in Madagascar, Cameroon and Morocco.

The painting “still Life” was painted by Pablo Picasso in 1921 at a turning point in the artist’s work, when he turned to mixing styles. The picture shows a glass of absinthe and a fragment of a magazine.

Stoloto responded to accusations of the company’s ties to the winner of ₽1 billion

Earlier, telegram channels Mash and “Rise” reported that Moscow lawyer Alexander Sergeev asked the Federal tax service (FTS) to check the connection of the lottery winner Nadezhda Bartosh with the owners of the company “Stoloto”. According to the lawyer, the drawing was recorded, and did not take place live, so the results were known in advance.

The lawyer also claimed that the tickets with large winnings were in the hands of affiliates. Mash noted that Bartosh is the owner of the trading house “Tsarsky sturgeon”.

RBC sent a request to the Federal tax service of Russia. RBC also asked for comment to the lawyer Alexander Sergeyev, at the time of publication notes he did not answer RBC.

As it became known on January 9, a resident of the Moscow region Nadezhda Bartosh won 1 billion rubles. Stoloto noted that this win was a record in the history of state lotteries.