May 26, 2022

What determines the frequency of winning in online slots?

Internet casino players may have noticed that some slot machines allow you to win often, others please with prize combinations much less often. Payouts in all machines also vary widely. What determines the frequency and size of winnings in online slots?

Let’s try to understand this issue, which is relevant for all gamblers.

All players of the online casino volcano russia consider slot machines as a source of frequent payments. But the size of the winnings also matters. As a rule, all slot machines are characterized by an inverse relationship between the amount of winnings and the frequency of winning combinations. If you win often, then, as a rule, these are small amounts, if rarely, then the winnings are much more significant.
In general, the frequency of wins depends on the level of variance. If the variance is low, then wins happen often, if it is high – rarely. At the same time, frequent payments are usually insignificant in amount, while rare ones bring much higher profitability. The choice of slot machines based on the variance criterion depends on the individual preferences and wishes of the players. If you want to see winning combinations almost every spin, and the winnings do not really matter, it is better to stick to slots with low variance. Highly variance slot machines are suitable for those who are willing to wait a long time for a large payout that will cover all previous betting costs in a moment.

The length of the payout cycle and the return as a percentage of the money invested are also important factors in the frequency of winning when playing slots. The longer the payout cycle, the larger its size, but you have to play for longer without much results. Large payouts are also typical for slots with a high percentage of return. All these indicators cannot be found in the public domain – this information is technical and is indicated only in the characteristics of slots from manufacturers. Fortunately, you can estimate variance, payout cycle, and returns yourself. To do this, you just need to analyze some indicators or, even easier, play in a free test mode and compile your own payout statistics. Slot machines that regularly produce winning sequences are definitely not highly volatile. And this means that the average payout in them is far from the possible maximum. The less often you win, and the larger the size of one prize, the higher the variance, RTP and the longer the wagering cycle of the slot.