May 27, 2022

The most interesting features and other facts about slots

In the online casino Aplay you will find a huge number of interesting slot machines. Many of them correspond to the classic descriptions, that is, they are equipped with five reels and four cells on each. Some of them also have interesting additional features. For example, it can be an additional sixth reel for special rounds, or the upper (lower) row of cells where bonuses are dropped.

Also, slot machines almost always contain special symbols. They rarely appear, and almost never form a combination – but this is not necessary, since such symbols have a special meaning. Modern slots most often contain two types of special symbols – wild and scatter, sometimes they are called wild and scatter, as well as the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. In some slots, these functions are combined, but in most slot machines they are two different symbols that are responsible for different functions.

Wilds, for example, appear anywhere and can complete winning combinations. For example, if you were missing one character, the wild will replace it. And often it is not necessary that it occurs in this place. Wilds fill the entire space of the row and thus complete all the combinations in it. Sometimes they also “stick” to a place, staying there for several rotations in a row. Scatters are responsible for awarding bonuses. Several scatters usually bring additional free spins, and the more of them, the more free spins there will also be. They also have other functions, but what exactly depends on the slot.

A curious feature of slot machines is the respin. It is implemented in two versions. The first one is the opportunity to make one free spin at the same bet as the winning one. Here everything is simple and clear. The second option is called “avalanche”, it implies that the symbols that fall into the winning combination will burn and new ones will fall in their place, bringing new combinations and completing the existing ones. You can understand how this works in the Big Bad Wolf slot. It is located at the link and you can start playing it for free to get acquainted with all the features of the game.

You can always see what these or other combinations give you in the paytable, it is made for each slot and is usually hidden under the letter, and luck will smile on you.