May 27, 2022

Slot machines with maximum efficiency

Experienced gamblers prefer to play in those casinos where maximum return slots or RTP (Return to Player) are available. This is the percentage of refund. The amount of winnings depends on it. The RTP for each slot machine is set during its development, so the maximum return for all slot machines is different, depending on the casino, country, and legal factors. The slot machine has its own program code.

What is it-slot machines with withdrawal to Yandex Money? These are slots that can return the user almost 100% of the funds that they put on their Deposit. This indicator naturally varies for different online casinos. It is impossible to find a club with a 100% return. In fairness, the indicator that starts at 90% is considered good. The maximum return is considered to be 95%-99%.

How do I get the most out of slots?
Today, there are many casinos with maximum returns. Let’s say that any self-respecting gaming club provides its guests with slots with the maximum RTP. By the way, in the world of online casinos, there are generally accepted rules regarding the minimum percentage of return. Depending on the country in which a particular gaming club is licensed, this minimum ranges from 80% to 94%.

To get an answer to the question of how to get the maximum benefit in slots that give you the following:

take into account the percentage of maximum return. As we said above, the RTP that starts at 95 is considered high%;
choose a casino with good statistics. Good statistics indicate that players have a high chance of seeing winning combinations;
visit casinos that are ranked among the best in Russia.
However, it is not enough to choose a casino with the maximum return. It is important for every gambler, regardless of their playing experience, to know about such a parameter as variance. The frequency of payments in a particular club depends on this characteristic. Sometimes it can be called variability or volatility. We will explain the importance of this parameter later.
What is the maximum percentage of return
Every gambler expects a big win from their game, payouts without any delays, high-quality and exciting game. Whether you bet rubles or dollars – it doesn’t matter, winning in any currency will bring joy, and maximum return slots allow you to increase the amount of money won. However, when choosing such slot machines, you should familiarize yourself with their dispersion.

Let’s define the variance and see how it affects the machines with the highest percentage of return? It’s simple. Variance is a deviation from the expectation of winning. The higher the variance of the slot machine, the less likely it is to win. Less often, however, the amount will be large. Low variance allows you to win more often, but the winnings will be significantly lower.
These two characteristics – maximum return and variance-are inextricably linked. That is, the slot machine with high payout percentage, most likely, will have high variance, with a low percentage is low. Thus, by choosing slots with the highest percentage of return, you bring your chances of hitting the real jackpot closer!

We hope that our article about the most giving machines was useful to you. We remind you again: first we choose a slot with a high RTP, then we play in the demo, and then we win big winnings in real money!

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