May 26, 2022


Despite the fact that people continue to win large sums in the lottery, many organizers note a serious decline in interest in this type of gambling. The number of lottery tickets sold decreases every month, so lotteries reduce the amount of jackpots played one after another.

This decision was recently announced by the popular American lottery Powerball (it is considered the second most popular in the country, behind only Mega Millions). Starting with the next draw, it cuts the starting prize pool in half. Now it will not be 40, but 20 million dollars. In addition, now after the drawings, the Fund will be replenished by only 2 million dollars, although previously it was replenished by 10 million.

The lottery organizers were prompted to take this step by the difficulties of the beginning of 2020, including the pandemic, the growing economic crisis and the rising unemployment rate.


According to the legislation of most countries, a lottery ticket can be purchased by any citizen, even a child. And this is remarkable in that it is often the children who get the big winnings. So, in 2019, the lucky owner of 200 thousand euros was a Spanish schoolboy named Cosmin Rotariu.

When the boy found out about this win, he could not believe it: he shivered, shouted with happiness and jumped, literally, to the ceiling. No less happy was Kosmin’s father, who gave his son the freedom to win.

The boy, calmed down, began to think about what he would spend the money on. He told reporters that, most likely, he will buy the coolest mobile phone, and invest the rest in a future apartment – this decision pleased the relatives of the young man. After all, buying real estate for a 15-year-old guy is a balanced and serious decision. And this is remarkable in that it is often the children who get the big winnings.