May 27, 2022

How do I find slots with a high return rate?

For many people who like to play slots online, but have not yet experienced the taste of winning, it’s time to ask themselves what exactly attracts them to play slots so much, and why many people are so attached to these extremely emotionless machines…

The simple answer lies on the surface.

Slot manufacturers develop spectacular themes and scenarios, think of interesting ways to develop the story, saturating the gameplay with surprises and pleasant bonuses. As a result, the player feels in the center of attention, which he so lacks in real life.

The game situation drives the player into a state of euphoria, preventing them from soberly assessing what is happening and pushing them to make rash decisions. Important details become inconspicuous, and actions become more impulsive and less controlled.

By choosing the first slot machine that comes along and thoughtlessly refusing to get acquainted with the current rates of winning accruals, there is a high risk of ending the game “in the negative”, primarily because of the unacceptably low threshold values of payments due.

This is the main reason why you can’t count on high amounts of winnings.

Choosing the best slot manufacturer
The four main companies that develop software for online games are:

IGT Interactive;
Microgaming and
IGT Interactive is better known for its gaming machines, many of which are easily found in casinos that use online gaming platforms.

Playtech develops slot machines and video slots for all types of casinos (online/offline).

Microgaming and NetEnt are world-renowned slot developers, thanks to their impressive collections of innovative developments in the virtual gaming industry.

Designers and software developers test slots day and night, experimenting with the size and frequency of payouts, combining game elements so that ordinary gamers can win more often and return to the game as often as possible.

Behind each development is a team of professionals who understand not only the purely programming “chips”, but also feel the psychological aspirations of a loyal target audience.