May 25, 2022

An American woman won $2 million in the lottery with a combination of numbers that brought her $50 thousand earlier

A resident of North Carolina in the United States, Shanika Miller won $2 million, noting in the lottery ticket the same combination of numbers that in another lottery brought her $50 thousand. United Press International wrote about this on may 14.

“I woke up in the morning at about 6 o’clock and when I learned about the win, I started crying. It seemed to me that what was happening could not be real. I even double-checked the numbers several times, ” Miller said.

According to her, she always points out in lottery tickets with the same combination of days of the birth of her children.

The winner also said that with the money she won, she plans to buy a new house for her family, a car for her son, and pay all the bills.

The lottery draw was held on April 4.

This same combination of numbers brought Shanika Miller a win of $50 thousand in 2017.

A resident of the UK won almost $70 million in the lottery

A UK resident has won the EuroMillions lottery jackpot of £57 million ($69.2 million). This was reported on Wednesday, March 18, by the Sun newspaper, referring to the representative of the National lottery of the United Kingdom, Andy Carter.

“Over the past 25 years, participants have made a huge contribution to good causes. On average, every week about £30 million goes to funds that help implement a variety of projects, including the conservation of wildlife habitats, ” he said.

The name of the jackpot winner is not disclosed.

The terms of receiving winnings by lottery winners are given

Any lottery participant who has won a billion rubles will be able to get in touch and register their winnings within six months. This was told to RIA Novosti in the press service of the distributor of state lotteries “Stoloto”.

“If there is a good reason for the delay, the prize will wait for its owner for another three years. If the participant does not appear, the entire amount will be transferred to the state budget in full, ” Stoloto representatives said.

The press service stressed that employees are aimed at paying the winnings, so that “almost any reason” can become valid — for example, illness, a long business trip, absence from the country or imprisonment.

On January 1, it became known that a resident of Moscow won 1 billion rubles in the new year’s draw of the Russian Lotto lottery. A total of 53,614,853 tickets participated in the drawing, and the winning ticket was purchased in Moscow. This win was a record in the history of Russian state lotteries. The winner has not yet contacted the organizer.

It was reported that the winner of the winning ticket will receive an amount less income tax of 13% — the money will be transferred to the specified account.